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DL4 Snap-On Faceplate Spacer Upgrade


Upgrade any DL4 purchased before June 2018 to a non-magnetic faceplate. Includes a retractable metal spacer and snap-on faceplate with 10 mm reticle. Made from an ultra-durable polymer, the faceplate is designed to be used with typical water and alcohol-based immersion fluids and gels.

Note: Requires removal of existing spacer, which you may or may not be able to do yourself. To remove the spacer, unscrew the silver retaining ring, then extend the spacer by turning the DL4 dial until you can carefully remove the spacer from the device. If you are unable to remove the ring, please contact us for instructions to send the unit to the manufacturer to perform the upgrade.
If your DL4 already has a non-magnetic snap-on spacer, purchase the  DL4 Snap-On Faceplate instead